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(주)공영DBM의 소개란CRM개발방법론 및 구축안제시CRM솔루션과 컨설팅,서비스 소개CRM구축사례 및 실적소개
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(주)공영DBM의 Mission Statement   
마케팅/세일즈/서비스 분야에 최고수준의 Technology 및 솔루션 제공
(원투원 마케팅을 실현하기 위한 정보기술 서비스를 활용하도록 지원함.)

소비자 고객을 중시하는 퍼미션 마케팅의 실현
( 프라이버시 침해 등 자칫 “착취적 마케팅”으로 변질되기 쉬운 이 원투원마케팅 분야에서 기업과 소비자 양자에게 이익이 되는 마케팅 활동을 추구함)

  Introducing Kong Young DBM…

  Since 1994, we've been helping our clients turn their customer data into information-driven marketing strategies to solve business problems and build stronger customer relationships.

KY DBM does:
• Consulting for DB Marketing strategies and IT Solutions
• Develop a system customized to meet the strategic requirements
• Database Marketing / Direct Marketing Service outsourcing
• Data Cleaning Service : merge/purge, data clean-up and enhancement
• Training, Seminars, Workshops on DB Marketing and CRM

We help our clients define the marketing plan, then orchestrate the numerous details and the complex procedures required to do the successful direct marketing and database marketing programs.
With our high-tech marketing solutions and services,
you'll find that reaching prospects and customers becomes more effective and efficient.


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