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(주)공영DBM의 소개란CRM개발방법론 및 구축안제시CRM솔루션과 컨설팅,서비스 소개CRM구축사례 및 실적소개
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  Specialized in field of CRM Solution

KongYoung DBM is the first database marketing company in Korea since 1994.
We have plenty of experiences and know-how at Direct Marketing, DB Marketing and CRM solution.
We can provide you with the specialized expertise that will ensure your direct or database marketing success in Korea and help you meet your deadlines.

  Focused in Client’s Marketing ROI

Kong YoungDBM is a company with a unique insight into the needs of direct marketers who want to leverage the modern database technologies.
We do not let our systems to overwhelm the clients. They work for the Marketing results. We proudly call this "System superior by Marketing result"

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