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  Introducing CEO : Jung Soo Kim

Database Marketing Experience
• 1984 Hyundai Merchant Marine Co. (B-to-B Marketing)
• 1985-1987 Citicorp Diners Club -Korea, Direct Marketing Manager
• 1989 MetroMail (Chicago), Consumer Data Analyst
• 1988-1994 Citibank Korea, Assistant Vice President at Marketing Dept.
• 1994-Curr Kong-Young DBM, CEO
Direct Marketing Accomplishments

• Citibank Korea - Assistant Vice President , Marketing
- Supervised Citibanking products (24-hour banking,
  Telebanking etc).
- Established Debit Card System for bank customers and
• CitiCorp Diners
  Club Card, Korea
- Marketing Manager, planning and execution of Advertising and
- Established TeleMarketing Center for card-holders and
- Direct Marketing Manager (mail-order, catalogue businesses)
• Metromail,
- Working as
- SAS specialist for Marketing Research Dept.
- Projects included CUC and Lab Safety Supply Co.

Database Marketing Study
• Graduated from Northwestern Univ. (MA in Integrated Marketing Communication)
• Author of two books:
     -Database Users Guide-Visual FoxPro 1996.4. HanKuk Silicon Co.
     -Integrated Database Marketing System 1997.12 BunWooSa
• Frequent speaker at Direct Marketing conferences and seminars.

E-mail : jskim@00db.co.kr

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